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Germany is an ancient land, one filled with history, architecture, art and literature. Germany is a land of cathedrals and forests, tales of medieval knights, castles, and some of the best Gothic and Renaissance architecture to be found in the world. Germany is a wild and rugged country, with the Black Forest and Bavarian Alps that awe and inspire. Germany is also a land of advanced technology and is a leader in many scientific and medical fields.

Germany in a snapshot

  • Currency-Euro
  • Language- German
  • Climate- Summer generally about 86°F, winters average about 30 °F
  • Capital-Berlin

Located in the middle of Western Europe, Germany is a country that offers not only beautiful mountain and river vistas, but also centers of industry, technology and art. Some of the most well-known cities in history, including Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Dresden, and Cologne are ancient centers of education, science, and literature. Some of Germany's most famous residents have delighted the world with their intellectual abilities, including Beethoven, Bach, and Goethe.

Germany is also a land that offers stunning architecture and surviving castles from ancient times from her northern harbors into the depths of the Bavarian Forest. Visitors to Germany are free to choose a wide range of both indoor and outdoor amusements, from visiting museums to skiing the Zugspitze. Visitors can enjoy a night out at the St. Pauli District of Hamburg, try a multitude of German sausages from friendly street vendors, or purchase handmade cuckoo clocks from the small town of Schönach in the Black Forest. And let's not forget German beer - with dozens of varieties to choose from!

Germany is the home of the river Elba, the Glockenspiel and Checkpoint Charlie, a historical landmark in Berlin that commemorates the site of passage between East and West Berlin while the Berlin Wall divided the city from 1961 to 1989. Germany is also the home of one of the most famous cathedrals in the world, Cologne Cathedral, as well as Castle Neuschwanstein, the most famous castle in the world (and the prototype of Walt Disney's castle at Disneyland). Visitors to Germany can cruise the rivers Danube, Mosel, Elbe or Rhine or enjoy hydrotherapy baths, massages and treatments at a multitude of unique and picturesque health resorts.

Healthcare in Germany, Medical Tourism

Why Health Tourism in Germany?

German health care has always been synonymous with quality, and medical tourism in Germany is booming. Over 50,000 foreign visitors seek health care or medical procedures in Germany for treatments in fields such as diagnostics, dental care, obesity and weight loss treatments, vision care, and plastic and cosmetic surgeries. Gastric bypass, LASIK eye care and cataract surgery, and plastic and cosmetic procedures offer lower prices for quality high-tech care in Germany's major cities.

Americans as well as other foreign tourists seeking immediate treatment, specialty services and lower healthcare costs flock to Germany every year to enjoy the benefits of quality medical care combined with the perks of an ultimate vacation destination. Surgical procedures in Germany are 4 to 5 times less expensive than the same procedures performed in the United States.

Thousands of international travelers from Russia, the Arab states, the Gulf states, and surrounding countries enter Germany annually for the best in shopping, sightseeing, medical treatments, and accommodations offered by Germany.

10 Fun Things to Do in Germany

  • Visit the Cologne Cathedral
  • Don't miss Neuschwanstein, the most visited Castle in Germany
  • Check out Checkpoint Charlie
  • Hike the Bavarian Alps
  • Ski the Bavarian Alps
  • Trek through the Black Forest
  • Cruise the River Rhine
  • Ea your fill of German sausages
  • Ski the Zugspitze
  • Enjoy a wine festival

Anyone visiting Germany will doubtless be offered a multitude of opportunities and options for entertainment, fine dining, street vendor dining, accommodations and sites or landmarks to visit. Friendly people, great food, and fun things to do give visitors to Germany a unique chance to visit one of the most beautiful, historical and culture-rich countries in Europe for medical or pleasure vacations that will never be forgotten.

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