Mexico Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Medical tourism in Mexico can help you with saving up to 70%. You can partake in an outlandish excursion as well as first class medical administrations at safe areas in Mexico. Mexico is a land of bountiful sunshine, great food and ancient cultures. It's also growing into one of the most popular medical destinations for medical travelers from the United States and Canada.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Mexico for Medical Travel

With its tones and sea shores, Mexico offers an extraordinary excursion stay! Yet, with regards to medical work, one might need to explore more. Given below is a list of some driving factors for medical tourism in Mexico:

1. Reasonable Medical Services:

The expense of medical Services in Mexico costs 70 to 75% less than those in the US. The savings for different techniques are:

  • Dental and Bariatric: 75%
  • Plastic Surgery: 70%
  • Muscular: 70%
  • Professionally prescribed prescription: 30-60%

2. Travel Convenience:

  • Just hours from the US and Canada via land or air.
  • Clinics work in the US line urban areas like Tijuana and Los Algodones.
  • Sans visa tourism for 70+ nations (including US, UK, and Canada).
  • Non-stop departures from significant urban communities in the US, Canada, and Europe.
  • 70 % of medical sightseers to Mexico are from California, Texas, and Arizona.

3. Cutting edge Healthcare

  • Most Mexican urban communities have no less than one top notch emergency clinic.
  • Cutting edge offices practically identical to the US medical clinics.
  • Ensured and exceptionally experienced specialists with amazing patient wellbeing records.

4. Famous Wellness and Tourist Destination

  • The seventh most visited traveler destination on the planet
  • The most visited country in Latin America in 2019
  • A different scene of mountains, deserts, and woods
  • An elite destination for wellbeing tourism with different spas
  • Very good quality Conveniences

5. Mexico offers a significant number of the First World accommodations like:

  • Great roadways
  • A lot of air terminals
  • Solid telecom administrations
  • Quick and stable internet associations

Cost of Medical Procedures in Mexico

Bariatric Surgery Cost in Mexico




Gastric Sleeve

$15,000 – $25,000

$4,000 – $6,500

Gastric Bypass

$23,000 – $31,000

$5,200 – $10,950

Lap Band

$12,000 – $29,000

$4,000 – $5,600

Gastric Sleeve in Mexico Client Testimonial

Orthopedic Cost in Mexico




Knee Replacement (Unilateral)

$45,000 – $70,000

$9,600 – $14,900

Hip Replacement

$30,000 – $45,000

$12,950 – $16,300

Shoulder Arthroscopy

$20,000 – $30,000

$4500 – $7,700

Dental Cost in Mexico




Titanium Dental Implant

$3,000 – $5,000

$650 – $1,800

Porcelain Veneers

$2,000 – $2,500

$350 – $700

Porcelain Crown

$1,500 – $1,800

$340 – $700

Full Dentures

$1,500 – $2,000

$250 – $1,050

All on 4 Dental Implants in Mexico Client Testimonial

Why is Healthcare so Cheap in Mexico?

The guarantee of superior grade with close to 33% the costs sounds confusing. How could it be that even similar brands' embed costs less in Mexico than in the US? While money trade rates make the costs look modest, different variables are genuinely making them so.

These lower costs pertain to the medical culture of the country. Some of the driving factors are:

  • Lower Salaries: Earnings in Mexico are lower across the whole range of occupations, including medical experts.
  • Subsidized Education: Mexico specialists convey no understudy loan obligation because of government sponsorships. It decreases the possibility overcharging their administration.
  • No Malpractice Insurance: Mexican specialists don't buy costly medical negligence insurance. It is generally expected utilized in the US to safeguard specialists against claims.
  • No Corporate Influence: Most doctors practice without intrusions from corporate. They partake in the full benefit; consequently, patients get lower medical expenses.
  • Low Prescription Cost: Most prescription drugs in Mexico are 30%-60% less than in the US. Little regulation by the govt in the US affects the price of medicines sold there.

Is Medical Tourism Safe in Mexico

Is Medical Tourism Safe in Mexico?

World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) marks Mexico's public destinations with the "Protected Travel" stamp. The nation takes on worldwide wellbeing and cleanliness norms.

Subsequently, it would be all in all correct to say Mexico is alright for Medical Tourism. Additionally, the following reasons contribute towards this:

  • The nature of medical care administrations in Mexico is tantamount to the States.
  • Mexico has the biggest number of ensured emergency clinics in Latin America.
  • Current gear is ample in significant urban communities.
  • Medicines in Mexico is however protected as it very well might be in the United States of America.

Seeking medical consideration through a solid go between might assist with alleviating a portion of the related dangers. This is on the grounds that these facilitators mainly work with ensured/certify medical care suppliers.

How to Travel to Mexico?

There are many options for getting to Mexico. The easiest way is to fly or drive. You can reach Mexico overland from the US via train, bus, or car.

1. Air Travel

Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX) is the main air terminal. Relentless flying times from a portion of the significant metropolitan air terminals to Mexico City International Airport (MEX) are listed below:





New York (JFK)

5 hr 25 min

Miami (MIA)

3 hr 30 min

Los Angeles (LAX)

3 hr 35 min

Houston (IAH)

2 hr 15 min

Atlanta (ATL)

3 hr 47 min

Toronto (YYZ)

4 hr 55 min

Chicago (ORD)

4 hr 20 min

Vancouver (YVR)

5 hr 15 min


2. Land Travel through Public Vehicle

One can arrive at Mexico by means of land through different choices. On the off chance that visiting line urban areas like Tijuana, basically cross the line by walking. Public vehicle, similar to trains or transports, are some other regularly utilized modes.

Vehicle General Information
  • Amtrak: Connects between the Mexican line and US/Canada.
  • Mexlist: Maintains a rundown of sumptuous private administrations.
  • Greyhound consistently hurries to all the significant boundary crossings.
  • Across the US, there are around 230 Greyhound stations.
  • Vist bordertowns (Tijuana, Mexicali and Los Algodones) by foot.
  • Leave vehicle on the US boundary, and stroll into bordertowns.


3. Driving to Mexico

Driving across the US-Mexico line is simple. One can do as such using a leased or an individual vehicle. Notwithstanding, the records required may change for both. You will find some handy points below:

  • Driving Registered Vehicles
  • Driving Rented Vehicles
  • US-Mexico Travel Duration

Medical Tourism Destinations in Mexico

Medical Tourism Destinations in Mexico

Medical tourism in Mexico draws in around 1.2 million explorers yearly. There are a few safe medical tourism areas in Mexico. Browse these different choices:

Medical Tourism in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a retreat city situated on the shore of the Caribbean ocean. It offers quiet sea shores, experience sports, and energetic nightlife. A more customized and proficient medical consideration than the US is accessible.

Medical Tourism in Los Algodones, Mexico

Los Algodones is a humble community at the US-Mexico line. Here, our accomplice clinic has north of 35 years of demonstrated dentistry experience. It is one of the biggest and profoundly presumed dental gatherings in this Molar city.

Medical Tourism in Mexicali, Mexico

Mexicali imparts a boundary to California, US. This Mexican bordertown is available to experience and tourism. There's a tremendous rundown of administrations that can settle essentially any medical circumstance here.

Medical Tourism in Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey is a city in Mexico. It invites sightseers with exciting society and food. Additionally, you will see that the suggested clinic in a protected area. They utilize the most recent methods and FDA supported biomaterials. It brings them one bit nearer to safe dental medicines.

Visitors to Mexico will be enthralled with the sights, sounds and taste of ancient and modern Mexico, whether they come to this vibrant destination for medical or health reasons or for a much-looked-forward-to vacation.

Mexico offers state of the art medical treatment facilities throughout the country, with plenty of opportunities to take in some sightseeing while you’re preparing for or recuperating from treatments and procedures.

Once you've been to Mexico you'll never forget it!

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