Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

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Losing weight can be challenging, especially if you suffer from obesity. This leads to poor health. Since you cannot afford bariatric surgery in your home country, you are forced to look for a cheaper option abroad.

Fortunately, there is an affordable and safe solution in Mexico. Now you can improve your health and regain your self-esteem with bariatric or weight loss surgery in Mexico! In this guide, you will find important information about WLS treatment, costs, and the best doctors.

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All-inclusive Packages for Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

In a sea of cheapest weight loss surgery packages, today we show you the most effective ones. You will be surprised to find that the price of these packages ranges from $4,500 to $9,000. In Mexico, you can save between 60% and 80% on bariatric surgery, while in America you have to spend more than $20,000.

The price of WLS packages in Mexico depends on the services included, the general condition of the patient, and the type of bariatric surgery performed. Nevertheless, you can save money when you return home. You will admit that you could not do that in America.

You can read more about comparing costs between countries in the next section. But before that, you should look at the prices of packages in Mexico.

Obesity/Bariatric Surgery

Gastelum Gastric Sleeve Packages in Tijuana, Mexico

Gastelum provides a cheap package for Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico. Get top treatment free quot

Obesity/Bariatric Surgery

Gastric Sleeve in Mexicali, Mexico by Dr. Garcia Audelo

Dr. Garcia Audelo provides a cheap package for Gastric Sleeve in Mexicali, Mexico. Get top treatment

Obesity/Bariatric Surgery

Gastric Bypass in Mexicali, Mexico by Dr. Garcia Audelo

Dr. Garcia Audelo provides a cheap package for Gastric Bypass in Mexicali, Mexico. Get a Gastric Byp

Obesity/Bariatric Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Gastelum

Gastelum provides a cheap package for Gastric Bypass in Tijuana, Mexico. Get top treatment free quot

Obesity/Bariatric Surgery

Top Package for Mini Gastric Bypass in Merida, Mexico - $6800

Learn about the best and most affordable mini gastric bypass surgery in Merida, Mexico. Find all the

Obesity/Bariatric Surgery

Effective Package for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Merida, Mexico

Get the best package for gastric sleeve surgery in Merida, Mexico at Bypass Gastrico Merida clinic t


How Much Does Weight Loss Surgery Cost in Mexico?

The cost of Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico averages $6,500, which is over 70% less than in the US. With the extra money, you can visit interesting places as a medical tourist in Mexico. Also, you will save enough money when you return home.

In the cost comparison table below, you can see that Mexico is a cheaper option for WLS than America or the UK.

Obesity/Bariatric Surgery Centers Cost Comparison in Mexico

Provider Procedure Price
Obesity Surgical Center | Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola Gastric Bypass, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery $5500
Obesity Surgical Center | Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola Sleeve Gastrectomy, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery $4500
Obesity Surgical Center | Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola Lap Band Revision, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery $5500
Gastelum Cosmetic Surgery Sleeve Gastrectomy, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery $5000
Gastelum Cosmetic Surgery Gastric Bypass, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery $5000
Obesity/Bariatric Surgery Cost Comparison in Mexico
Country Procedure Price
Mexico Bariatric Surgery, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery $5500

Recommended Clinics for Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Most Weight loss clinics are located across the US-Mexico border which is easily accessible to Americans. Thus, proximity to Mexico is one of the main reasons why patients from North America come to Mexico for medical treatment.

We will mention other important reasons that will help you choose Mexico for weight loss surgery:

  • Low-cost weight loss surgery will save you money and help you overcome the obesity problem.
  • The medical team is trained to take care of the patient's needs during the hospital stay.
  • World-class clinics provide luxurious accommodations to make patients feel comfortable.
  • Doctors have the credibility to ensure a high success rate in surgeries and post-operative care.
  • Vacationing along with treatment in Mexico is popular for its luxurious summer resorts, sunny days, and delicious food.

Top Center

Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo is a gastroenterologist focused on providing solutions to his patients with obesity problems. He performs obesity laparoscopic or appendix surgery with professionalism, as an expert in the field.

Top Center

Hernia Clinic Mexico and Bariatric Center

Hernia Clinic provides best Obesity Surgery in Merida, Mexico. Book online now Gastrointestinal Surgery, Intragastric Balloon Surgery, Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery at Hernia Clinic.

Top Center


Located in Tijuana, Mexico. Only five minutes across the San Diego-Mexico International Border. CER Group Co. is a leading medical facility. that specializes in Plastic Surgery and Bariatric Surgery. The expert team is composed of licensed and certified surgeons that have the experience and expertise to help you highlight your natural beauty.

Top Center

Gastelum Cosmetic Surgery

Gastelum Cosmetic Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico presents the best solution through Dr. Oscar Leal Gastelum, Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, to help you create the body and face you desire.

Watch Informative Videos Related to Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

We have prepared some interesting videos for you to watch in order to further your understanding of the WLS treatment in Mexico. Here you can see past patients' testimonials, the cost of different bariatric surgeries, and which kind of weight loss treatments available in Mexico.

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico Reviews

Sometimes, reading experiences from former patients facilitates the decision to seek treatment in Mexico. Their stories will give you hope, courage, and confidence to do the necessary step toward weight loss treatment. 

Most Frequent Asked Questions Related to Obesity Surgeries in Mexico

In this section, you'll find out if you are eligible for gastric sleeve surgery. Also, the questions like which treatment is safer - gastric sleeve or the lap band, and what's the average price of bariatric surgery across Mexico are no more mysteries.

Because we are here to answer those and other questions you have about weight loss surgery and Mexico as a country for medical tourism.


Which is better for me, Lap band or Gastric sleeve?

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Lap Band and Gastric Sleeve are some of the most effective and latest surgeries to control obesity and weight loss. To know, which of these two surgeries, fit your requirements and needs, you must first understand there pros and cons.   Some of the Advantages of Lap-Band are No stapling or cutting of stomach muscles  Stomach patch size can be adjusted  Can be reversed or removed  24 to 48 hour hospital stay  Some of the Advantages of gastric sleeve are Beneficial for those with a BMI over 45, many surgeons decline to perform the procedure unless patient has a BMI of 50+  No intestinal bypass, avoiding long-term complications  Some disadvantages of gastric sleeve bypass  It is not reversible.  It's also quite a bit more expensive than Lap-Band techniques.  Chance of leakage from staples It does not always produce weight loss that you expect This procedure is rarely covered by medical or health insurance Some disadvantages of lap band Weight loss is slower You will not be able to eat certain types of food Gastric band can slip or deflate If you're confused in choosing between Lap-Band surgery or gastric sleeve surgery, discuss your concerns as well as the advantages and disadvantages that come with each technique.    Ultimately, your doctor will help you determine which technique or procedure will best suit your current weight, goals, and circumstances.  

Which is safer the Lap Band or Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

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  When it comes to weight loss surgery, there are a few different options to choose from. Two of the most popular types of surgery are lap band surgery and gastric sleeve surgery. Both surgeries have their own benefits and drawbacks, so it can be difficult to decide which is the right choice for you. In this answer, we will compare lap band and gastric sleeve and help you decide which is the safer option for you. What is Lap Band Surgery? Lap band surgery is a type of weight loss surgery that involves placing a band around the stomach. This band limits the amount of food that the stomach can hold, which leads to weight loss. Lap band surgery is less invasive than gastric sleeve surgery and has a shorter recovery time. However, the lap band is not as effective as the gastric sleeve and has a higher risk of complications. What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery? Gastric sleeve surgery is a type of weight loss surgery that involves removing a portion of the stomach. This surgery limits the amount of food that the stomach can hold, which leads to weight loss. Gastric sleeve surgery is more effective than lap band surgery but has a longer recovery time. Which is the safer option? Both lap band surgery and gastric sleeve surgery have their own risks and benefits. It is important to talk to your doctor about which surgery is right for you. Lap band surgery is less invasive but has a higher risk of complications, while gastric sleeve surgery is more effective but has a longer recovery time. Ultimately, the decision comes down to your personal preferences and health needs.   If you cannot choose between these two procedures you should talk to your doctor who will determine which is the best for you and which will suit your weight, circumstances, and goals. Here are some of the best packages for bariatric surgery, including lap band and gastric sleeve surgery.

Am I eligible for the stomach sleeve?

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Am I Eligible for the Stomach Sleeve or Gastric Sleeve? If you are considering the stomach sleeve or gastric sleeve, one of the first things you will want to know is if you are eligible for the surgery. This procedure is not recommended for everyone, and there are some specific criteria that must be met in order to be a candidate. In this answer, we will discuss the eligibility requirements for the stomach sleeve and help you determine if you are a good candidate for the surgery. What is the stomach sleeve surgery and how does it work? The stomach sleeve surgery, also known as the vertical sleeve gastrectomy, is a weight loss surgery that involves removing a portion of the stomach. This reduces the size of the stomach and restricts the amount of food that can be consumed. The stomach sleeve surgery is usually performed with the laparoscopic method, which means that it is done through small incisions in the stomach. This type of surgery is less invasive than other types of weight loss surgery and has a shorter recovery time. Who is a good candidate for the surgery? Generally, stomach sleeve surgery is recommended for people who are obese and have not been able to lose weight through diet and exercise. The surgery is also usually only considered for people who have a BMI of 40 or higher. If you have a BMI between 35 and 39.99, you may be eligible for the surgery if you also have another health condition that is impacted by your weight, such as sleep apnea or type II diabetes. How much weight can you lose with the surgery? Most people who have stomach sleeve surgery lose about 60% of their excess body weight within the first year after surgery. This means that if you are 100 pounds overweight, you can expect to lose about 60 pounds after surgery. For most people, this amount of weight loss is enough to improve or resolve other health conditions that are impacted by obesity. What is the recovery process like? Recovery from stomach sleeve surgery is typically shorter and less difficult than recovery from other types of weight loss surgery. Most people stay in the hospital for one to two nights after surgery. You can expect to feel tired and sore for the first few days after surgery, but most people are able to return to their normal activities within a week. It is important to follow your doctor's instructions during the recovery and to attend all of your follow-up appointments.   If you are considering stomach sleeve surgery, the first step is to consult with a weight loss surgeon to see if you are eligible for the surgery. This procedure can be an effective way to lose a significant amount of weight, but it is not right for everyone. Be sure to discuss your goals and expectations with your surgeon to ensure that stomach sleeve surgery is the right choice for you.   We can recommend several affordable packages for stomach sleeve procedures at the best clinics in the world.

How Much Does Bariatric Surgery Cost in Mexico?

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Bariatric Surgery in Mexico Bariatric surgery in Mexico is becoming increasingly popular as a way to lose weight and improve one's health. The surgery involves reducing the size of the stomach, which helps to decrease the amount of food that can be eaten and also limits the absorption of nutrients. There are a number of benefits to having bariatric surgery in Mexico, including lower costs, shorter waiting times, and experienced surgeons. In addition, Mexico is a beautiful country with a lot to offer in terms of culture and cuisine. For those considering bariatric surgery, Mexico is an excellent option. Bariatric surgery is the safest and fastest solution for weight loss in obese and overweight people. Bariatric surgery includes a variety of procedures, according to the needs of each patient. Some of them can be performed laparoscopically, which means faster recovery time and less time to perform the procedure. Types of bariatric surgery Gastric banding Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy Gastric bypass Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch Roux en Y Gastric Bypass Procedures of Bariatric Surgery Cost in Mexico Bariatric surgery is a costly procedure, but it's often worth the investment. The average cost of bariatric surgery in Mexico is around $5,000, which is significantly cheaper than the average cost in the United States (which is upwards of $20,000). Bariatric surgery can help you lose a significant amount of weight, and it can also help to improve your overall health. In addition, bariatric surgery can help to reduce your risk of developing obesity-related diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. If you're considering bariatric surgery, Mexico is a great place to have the procedure done. Not only is it significantly cheaper than in the US, but you'll also be able to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while you recover. Gastric Sleeve Surgery $5,000 Gastric Bypass $8,000 Lap Band $5,000 Gastric Balloon $6,500   if you want to know more about bariatric surgery cost in Mexico. Click the contact us button below.

Who are the Top Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico?

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Who are the Top Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico? For patients whose weight limits their mobility and everyday activity, bariatric, or weight loss surgery can change lives. Bariatric surgery is often the appropriate weight loss option for those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) above 35. Surgical weight loss options in Mexico typically result in quick and dramatic weight loss among patients, and significantly reduces obesity-related health issues, such as diabetes. The top weight loss center in Mexico is the Mexico Bariatric Team clinic in Mexicali. Dr. Juan Arellano is a highly-skilled Bariatric Surgeon at the Mexico Bariatric Team and a leader in the field of laparoscopic bariatric surgery. As an experienced weight loss surgeon, Dr. Arellano has successfully performed thousands of bariatric procedures and has participated in countless bariatric weight loss surgeries throughout his 15-year career. Dr. Arellano specializes in the most cutting-edge types of bariatric surgery including Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Lap Band, Gastric Imbrication, Gastric Balloon, Duodenal Switch, Ileal Transposition, and Revision Surgery. He graduated as a specialist in General Surgery and an Obstetrician at the Autonomous University of Baja California in Mexicali, Mexico. He got a postgraduate degree in Bariatric Surgery in Santiago, Chile. He also obtained a Specialty in Surgery and Laparoscopy at Centro Medico Nacional del Occidente in Guadalajara, Mexico. One of the most successful bariatric clinics in Mexico, Diabesity Surgery,  is run by Dr. Jorge Maytorena in Mexicali, Baja California. Dr. Jorge Maytorena is a Graduate of the UABC Faculty Medicine at Mexicali, Baja California Mexico. He is also a Member of the College of General Surgeons at Mexicali, B.C. He is a General, Gastrointestinal, Bariatric, and Trauma Surgeon, who specializes in bariatric procedures like Gastric Band, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Mini-Gastric Bypass, Gastric Plication, Revision Surgeries to Conversion. His medical education is very extensive. He did various training like Advanced Laparoscopic Training in the Mexican Society of Endoscopic Surgery at Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, and  Sleeve Gastrectomy Training at the College of Metabolic and Obesity Surgery. He also did a Fellowship in Gastric Banding by Inamed Lap-Band. He did a Gastric Bypass and Metabolic Surgery Fellowship in the San Camilo Hospital at Sao Paulo, Brazil with Dr. Victor Cohen’s team. Another excellent bariatric facility in Mexico  is  the Obesity Free Clinic in Nuevo Leon, Piedras Negras Dr. Gabriel Rosales and his team at Obesity Free Clinic are highly skilled surgeons, board-certified, and in continuous training. Dr. Rosales is in constant pursuit of learning the latest innovations in minimally invasive surgery in order to offer his patients the best care possible. He is also a member of various recognized associations. He specializes in general laparoscopic surgery only, even though his training was an all-around training in general surgery, he has dedicated himself to performing the specific laparoscopic procedures he offers, in order to achieve the best results. He graduated from the School of Medicine Universidad De Monterrey (UDEM) in Monterrey, Mexico which is accredited by the University Commission: SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) in the U.S. One of the best weight loss surgeons in Mexico is Dr. Gustavo Yanez. Dr. Gustavo Yañez is a highly-respected certified surgeon that takes pride in offering exceptional service to his obesity and cosmetic surgery patients. Dr. Yañez is committed to giving patients total satisfaction. He graduated from the University of Baja California and he holds a specialty in general surgery and plastic surgery. In his 18 years of surgical experience, Dr. Yañez has performed surgeries and rotated in the best hospitals in the United States and Mexico.  Last but not the least, Dr. Oscar Ivan Ortiz of The Good Samaritan Medical Center in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.  Dr. Oscar Ivan Ortiz is a successful Digestive and Endocrine Surgeon. He has been specializing in Bariatric Surgery for eleven years. Currently, he is a Medical Staff at The Good Samaritan Medical Center in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.     How to choose the best bariatric surgeon in Mexico? What type of bariatric surgeries did he perform? Is he board-certified by the American Board of Surgery or the American Osteopathic Board of Surgery? Is he a member of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery? Will the surgery be performed in an ASMBS Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence? How many bariatric operations have been performed in this hospital? How many bariatric surgeries has he performed? What is my personal risk and benefit profile for this surgery? Will another doctor be assisting during the surgery? Does the hospital have staff trained specifically to care for weight loss surgery patients?

What is the Average Price of Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico?

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Gastric bypass surgery is a life-changing procedure that can help people achieve their weight loss goals and improve their overall health. Mexico has become a popular destination for medical tourism, offering high-quality weight loss surgeries at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay in the US or Canada. If you're considering gastric bypass surgery in Mexico, get ready to be overwhelmed with emotions as we explore the average price of this transformative procedure.  The Cost of a New Life: Gastric Bypass Price in Mexico The average cost of gastric bypass surgery in Mexico can range anywhere from $4,500 to $11,000, depending on the surgeon's experience, reputation, and the type of procedure performed. However, compared to the average cost of gastric bypass surgery in the US, which can range from $20,500 to $25,000, you can save thousands of dollars by getting the procedure done in Mexico. Country Gastric Bypass Price Mexico $4,500 - $11,000 United States $25,000 Canada $20,500 The Factors That Affect the Cost of Gastric Bypass in Mexico There are several factors that can affect the cost of gastric bypass surgery in Mexico, including:  The surgeon's experience and reputation: Surgeons with more experience and a better reputation will generally charge more for their services.  The type of gastric bypass procedure: Different gastric bypass procedures, such as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy, can have varying costs. The location of the clinic: The location of the clinic can also affect the cost of the procedure, with prices being higher in more urban areas.  How to Get the Best Price for Gastric Bypass in Mexico? To get the best price for gastric bypass surgery in Mexico, it's important to do your research and compare prices from several different clinics and surgeons. You should also consider packages that include the cost of the procedure, as well as travel and accommodations, to get the best overall value for your money.  The Emotional Journey of Gastric Bypass Surgery Gastric bypass surgery is not just a physical transformation, but also an emotional one. The journey of weight loss can be filled with ups and downs, but with the right support and guidance, it can be a truly rewarding experience.  The Benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico Mexico offers many benefits for those considering gastric bypass surgery, including:  Affordable prices: With the lower cost of gastric bypass surgery in Mexico, you can achieve your weight loss goals without breaking the bank.  Experienced surgeons: Mexico has many experienced surgeons who have performed countless gastric bypass procedures, so you can feel confident in their skills.  Beautiful vacation destination: Mexico is a beautiful vacation destination, so you can combine your gastric bypass procedure with a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. Discover the Best Clinics for Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico Explore the 5 best clinics for gastric bypass surgery in Mexico. Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo Family Hospital | Hospital de la Familia Hernia Clinic Mexico and Bariatric Center Hospital Los Lagos Obesity Surgical Center | Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola Risks and Side Effects of Gastric Bypass Surgery Like any medical procedure, gastric bypass surgery in Mexico does come with some risks and side effects, including:  Pain and discomfort: After the procedure, you may experience pain and discomfort in the treated area.  Nausea and vomiting: You may also experience nausea and vomiting, which can be managed with medication.  Nutritional deficiencies: Gastric bypass surgery can also cause nutritional deficiencies, so it's important to follow a balanced diet and take the necessary supplements. Choosing the Right Surgeon for Gastric Bypass in Mexico  Choosing the right surgeon for gastric bypass surgery in Mexico is crucial to ensure a successful and safe procedure. When selecting a surgeon, you should consider the following factors:  Experience and reputation: Look for a surgeon who has experience performing gastric bypass procedures and a good reputation in the medical community.  Certifications and credentials: Make sure the surgeon is board-certified and has the necessary credentials to perform gastric bypass procedures.  Patient reviews and testimonials: Read reviews and testimonials from previous patients to get an idea of the surgeon's experience and reputation.  Communication: Make sure you feel comfortable communicating with the surgeon and that they take the time to answer your questions and concerns. 10 Best Bariatric Surgeons for Gastric Bypass in Mexico Surgeons Location Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo Mexicali Dr. Martin Esteban Orduno Felix Mexicali Marco Sarinana Mexicali Dra. Gabriela Rodríguez Tijuana Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola Tijuana Dr. Octavio Jimenez Cancun Dr. Rodolfo Aparicio Ponce Merida Dr.Alberto Carlos Tijuana Dr. Oscar Gastelum Tijuana Dr. Edgar Serrano Tijuana The Emotional Support You Need Gastric bypass surgery is not just a physical transformation, but also an emotional one. It's important to have a support system in place to help you through the journey, whether it be friends, family, or a support group. You should also consider finding a therapist or counselor to help you work through any emotional challenges that may arise during your weight loss journey.  Conclusion Gastric bypass surgery in Mexico can be a life-changing procedure that can help you achieve your weight loss goals and improve your overall health. With affordable prices, experienced surgeons, and a beautiful vacation destination, Mexico is a great place to consider for your gastric bypass procedure. Just make sure to do your research, choose the right surgeon, and have a support system in place to ensure a successful and emotional journey. Tijuana  

Best Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico

Bariatric surgeons in Mexico have prior experience with American and Canadian patients. Besides this, WLS surgeons have international certificates and are well-known among other bariatric surgeons.

During your weight loss journey, you want your surgeon to give you the finest care and assistance possible. 

The following surgeons on our list are capable of doing so and have the following credentials:

  • Board-certified
  • More than 5 years of experience
  • Fluent in English
  • Follow-up with the patient after treatment. 

Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola

Biography of Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola Bariatric Surgeon in Tijuana Mexico Dr. Jorge Reyes Me...

Dr. Francisco Ortega

  Dr. Juan Franciso Ortega Puy is situated in Huixquilucan, Mexico. He is an expert in metab...

Dr. Octavio Jimenez

Dr. Octavio Jimenez Bariatric Surgeron in Cancun Biography Dr. I. Octavio Jimenez Meza moved on f...

Dr. Rodolfo Aparicio Ponce

Dr. Rodolfo Aparicio Ponce is a highly qualified laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon based in Merid...

Dr.Alberto Carlos

Biography of Dr. Alberto Carlos Tijuana Mexico Situated in Tijuana, Mexico, Dr. Alberto Carl...

Mexico - Famous Location for Obesity Treatment and Hot Tourist Destination

Would you like to spend time relaxing on some of the most popular beaches in Cancun? Maybe you dream of visiting the Chichen Itza site and feel the spirit of the ancient people who lived here? 

Or you'd rather try Mexican traditional food like Chilaquiles, burritos, and tacos in Tijuana restaurants?

Whatever you wish to visit in Mexico now can come true. During your stay for bariatric surgery, take a few days to explore authentic and luxurious places in Mexico.

Chichen Itza - Historic Site

Chichen Itza

Cancun - Luxury Resort


Mexican Traditional Food

Mexican Traditional Food

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas Mexico

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